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PostSubject: The Pencilcase   The Pencilcase I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2010 12:39 pm

This thread isn't just for rules. Talk about works in process, artists, and things in relation. Don't post the work here though- give it a thread of its own. (:


1] Do not post a poem, photo, story, lyrics, piece of art, whatever that is not your work. This is incredibly frustrating. You will be warned, and possibly banned. It is not acceptable to steal someone else's work. If you want to post something someone else has created which you like is fine, as long as you give credit and quote the source/ author. Do not try to deny it, or believe we will not find out. Because we will. Your best option if you have been caught doing so is to apologize, and not do it again.

If you find something in this forum or anywhere on the site which is plagiarized and have a source to prove it, please send myself or a moderator and we will deal with this.

2: Do not post your poem in someone else's topic. There's no reason for you to do it. You can create topics pretty soon after you join, so 'newbie' excuses are bullshit.

3: Do not type like a moron. This is in the general rules, and also applies here. Your post will be edited if you do so.

4: Opinions are welcome, whether positive or negative. But 'you're a dick' or 'it was great' is hardly constructive, is it. Give a bit of reasoning. Why did you like it? What was so bad about it? If you are overly abrasive, general rules and sanctions will apply.

5: Please keep the font and colors normal. It's respectful to the readers. Not everyone has perfect vision, and you surely want people to read your work- if you post in neon yellow strikeout text, this isn't going to happen. It's obnoxious, just don't do it.

6: Standard NSFW rules apply. If it's quite gory, make sure to tag it.

7: Reality kick: NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LIKE YOUR WORK. You posted on a public forum; do not expect everyone to become a fan and kiss your derriere. If you get a negative comment, don't bawwwww and cause drama. Accept it. If you can't do that, don't post.

8: No text walls. Paragraphing and stanzas really would be appreciated. More than you think.

9: No bitchfights. If you have a problem with a member, take it up in private, with myself or with a moderator.
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