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 Rules and FAQ

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PostSubject: Rules and FAQ   Rules and FAQ I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2010 12:16 pm

Rioting is fun. As is chaos, rebelling and drama.

But as we're trying to be a somewhat respectable forum, there are guidelines which you have to follow. Otherwise, we get to shout at you. And you wouldn't want to grant us that much pleasure, would you?

1] General Agreement.

This is the single most important rule of the forum.

By joining this forum, you have agreed that you will not post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening or any material which is considered objectional and/ or which may violate laws in your country, the country of the forum's origin or internationally, or otherwise cause offense. You agree that 'The Graveyard' have full right to edit, remove, delete or move any topic or post when we see fit to do so, and store data. Whilst none of your information will be disclosed to third parties, we cannot be held responsible to the content of third parties or any hacking attempt.

And so we don't overload your brains, the following are more generalised but nonetheless important.

2] Your Posts

As we can't all be highly intelligent, it's understandable that we make mistakes and perhaps cannot spell every word in the dictionary. But what is seen as intentionally poor grammar or 't1P1ng lyk D1s!!1!' and otherwise illegible writing will not be tolerated. A moderator will most likely edit your post, and you will be told to stop. Typing in full caps is acceptable if not used constantly, as is swearing.

Remember to add NSFW tags for images or links needing such. Do not plagiarize other peoples' work, give credit to any sources. Do not double post, or make repeat threads. There is a search function for if you need to find a specific topic.

Porn is not acceptable. Links, images, videos. I don't care. Just don't do it.

3] Links, Spam, Signatures

We will not stop you from posting links, unless they are of objectional content [such as porn, illegal downloads or incredibly grotesque images]. Spam will NOT be tolerated- you will be issued with a warning, and if you continue to spam, Thor's [Admin's] mighty banhammer will come crashing down.

Signatures: DO NOT PUT YOUR CONTACT DETAILS OR SPAM IN YOUR SIGNATURE. Contact details are for your profile. This is for your safety, because we do care about it. For the most part.
Don't make it too big or explicit, or it will be edited by an Admin.

Admins, Mods, Members

Respect each other. This is a community, and although we understand that it cannot be Candyland, we do expect you to treat each other with a certain level of respect. We're not asking you to be the best of buddies. Inter-member conflicts will not be babysat by the mods. Be civil, or click the X in the corner. Simple.


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Rules and FAQ
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