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 Heavy Metal

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PostSubject: Heavy Metal   Heavy Metal I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2010 11:28 am

Okay, I couldn't come up with a better thread theme than this, but I do want to know what some members here think about the genre, and if they listen to it or not.

I know our dearest Admin doesn't approve of metal that much, but I'm okay with it, seeing as there is really no point to lash out at each other for what we like to listen to Smile

So, I ca start off.

I like love heavy metal. I remember the days when I was discovering it. It was the first few weeks of high school, and I had until then only listened to hip hop and rap. I'm not even talking about good-old hip hop and rap. Rather, it was the ewwie new stuff from 50 Cent, and all the other shitty rappers, but I have to admit that I still like a few of them. Keyword is few.

Anyway, I was getting to know these guys from the music class, and even though I was going to art class (still am), I somehow got to know these guys rather quickly. They usually put on heavy metal in the breaks, and quite loudly on the speaker system in the class, and it simply grasped me. No other type of music was as gripping as this one, and I soon asked what songs was being put on. After I came back home, I Youtube-searched them, and listened to it quite a bit. There was one band that stood out, that made me eargasm (TM), and that band was Pantera. I know Beth is gonna go ewww, they suck, but I friggin love them. They are my favorite band, and did I mention that I eargasm by their music?

Hmm, you also might tell your story as well. It felt awesome telling mine, so why not Very Happy
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Heavy Metal
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